In an effort to protect the youth and children entrusted to us,  we require anyone working in the children’s ministry of the church to complete  an online training course and submit to a background check.   We have made this process very easy to complete by providing it to you online. Below is a list of the  steps that are involved in certifying you to work in our children and youth ministries. Thank you for your  willingness to support this very important ministry of our church.  

Step 1: Complete  the online application by clicking the link  above.  This application authorizes us to run our update your background check for our files.

Step 2: Once we process your application we will run a  background check and send you an email with a link to complete our mandatory online child protection training course.  This course takes 90 minutes and consist of 6 sections.  You can complete this training at your own pace and start and stop sessions for complete flexibility.

Note:  If you have already completed the child protection course provided by the church in the past you are already certified to serve.  If we are just updating your background check you will not receive an e-mail for the online training as it will not be necessary for you to complete.

Thank You for Serving!!